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Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.


'He deserves to be a favourite. His genial familiarity is its own
passport; he entertains you to a peripatetic feast of humour and good
advice.... In short, he is good company, meet him where you will....
Open his new book, "Between Ourselves," at random, and you will find
upon every page something shrewd, reflective, and good-natured. Half
the petty problems that go to make up life are here discussed with ease
and witty garrulity.... Beneath the mask of Max O'Rell's witticism
there is an honest face of experience and common-sense. He even helps
the thoughtless to think a little for himself!'--_Daily Chronicle._

'Truly, Max is a pleasant companion.'--_Morning Leader._

'Max O'Rell is always bright, and he is a pretty keen critic of life.
His book is full of good things, and will be read with profit, even if
in nothing but amusement.'--_Daily Telegraph._

'Everybody must read Max O'Rell's latest, "Between Ourselves." He has
so many wise things to say about many things, and such an irresistibly
charming way of saying them all, that it is difficult to put down this
latest offspring of his.'--_Black and White._

'The keen observation, genial wit, and engaging frankness which combine
to render Max O'Rell one of the most acceptable of social philosophers
have been given an unusually wide field of exercise in the diverting
pages of "Between Ourselves," wherein "some of the little problems of
life"--in point of fact, a good many of them--are discussed with
characteristic humour and point in the author's familiar and always
entertaining style.... Invariably amusing.'--_World._

'One of the most entertaining volumes one could wish to read.... The
book is full of witty and brilliant sayings, so much so that many of
his quaint and pleasant assertions are likely to pass into proverbs....
Always interesting and amusing, sometimes satirical, and never dull,
the author tells us much that the thoughtful may ponder with
advantage.'--_Birmingham Post._

'Extremely readable.... The little chapters are morsels of crisp
common-sense, flavoured with light cynicism, and free from
sermonizing.'--_Daily Mail._

'"Some of the little problems of life" discussed with all the airy
lightness to which we are accustomed from the author, and seasoned by
his usual undeniable truth.'--_Chic._

'Max O'Rell's philosophy has a gay winsomeness all its own. The joy of
living, the beauty of the world, the delights of unselfishness, these
are the themes upon which Max O'Rell, delicious satirist and 'cutest of
observers, discourses. Penetrative sagacity and merry irresponsibility
mingle in a frolicsome way.'--_Literary World._

'It is perhaps not quite up to the high level of "Her Royal Highness
Woman," but will please the large public which delights, with reason,
in all that comes from the pen of Max O'Rell.... On his own ground, in
chaffing the people of this country on their weak points, he is

'A worthy addition to an already long list.... Altogether, the reader
will find in "Between Ourselves" abundant entertainment, together with
not a little practical wisdom.'--_Daily News._

'Expressed in Max O'Rell's witty and entertaining way. One great merit
of the book is that you can open it at any chance page and make sure of
getting amusement.... He is a close observer of human nature, and has a
witty and trenchant way of expressing himself.'--_Queen._

'There is cheery optimism in every line, and to tired, weary souls it
comes as something of a tonic.'--_Military Mail._

'Witty, amusing, and even instructive.... Few men observe with such
keenness, describe with such fidelity, and write with such sustained
good humour as Max O'Rell. He is a capital exponent of that light,
epigrammatic, and witty style which is essentially Gallic. The book can
be heartily recommended to those who enjoy that sort of literature, and
they are legion.'--_Empire._

'Bright, breezy, and entertaining, as usual.'--_To-day._

'Open the book where you will, something pleasant and readable will be
found.'--_Glasgow Herald._

'Shrewd, humorous talk.... These entertaining pages.... Well, there is
the book, with a red girl on its green cover, and a deal of pleasant
beckoning in its many chapters and myriad paragraphs.'--_Academy._

'This delightfully entertaining volume.... There are few types of men
and women, few phases of life and character, which escape his shrewd
perception, and of everyone he gossips in the airiest, wittiest
fashion.... "Between Ourselves" is charming.'--_Lady's Pictorial._

'Max O'Rell is a true humourist, a clever satirist, and an entirely
human man.... This last work is certain to be as popular as "Her Royal
Highness Woman."'--_Western Mail._

'There is a large amount of wisdom in its pages and much
amusement.'--_Week's Survey._



Crown 8vo., cloth, 3s. 6d.


'Max O'Rell has in this volume given us another entertaining and
delightful dissertation upon woman and her kind. What Max O'Rell does
not know about the sex to which he has not the honour to belong is
hardly worth knowing.'--_St. James's Gazette._

'It is too late in the day to dwell upon the features of style which
render the work of Max O'Rell such easy and agreeable reading, and it
is unnecessary to illustrate his pretty gift of phrase-making. He has
gained his own place among popular authors, and offers no sign of
vacating it.'--_Pall Mall Gazette._

'We hardly know whether to recommend the book to our readers or not.
They will not put it down, once begun--that is certain.'--_Spectator._

'Max O'Rell, in his new book, expresses in his own peculiar and
entertaining way many witty, satirical, and humorous ideas on the
subject of the "eternal woman."'--_Daily Express._

'Max O'Rell is always entertaining, and provokes friendly discussion as
readily as any writer I know. His new book contains many aphorisms, and
some of them are very good.'--_British Weekly._

'Max O'Rell supplies, not for the first time, a delightful mixture of
commonplace and common-sense.'--_Daily Chronicle._

'We have no doubt a great many people will enjoy the book, and the
enjoyment will be innocent and wholesome.'--_Academy._

'Max O'Rell's chaff is excellent, and all in perfect good

'The genial author takes up the cudgels on behalf of the better-looking
sex in a way which should make his book tremendously popular with lady
readers--especially the married ones.... A very entertaining
book.'--_Golden Penny._

'Contains some delightful reading.... It is a book happy in idea,
felicitous in expression, cynically frank and refreshing in its

'Another collection of amusing and epigrammatic essays.... Max O'Rell,
as everyone knows, has the gift of discoursing fluently and amusingly
on any subject on which he touches, and to English and American people
his good humoured criticisms are particularly valuable, as they are not
only sound and sane in themselves, but they are written from an outside
standpoint.'--_Morning Leader._

'Women will not feel sorry that Max O'Rell's last work should be his
new book on the fair sex. For many a year he has helped us with his
gentle raillery, cheered us with his bright humour, and taught us much.
"Rambles in Womanland" contains many little personal reminiscences and
revelations, and its author's wit is undimmed. The book is full of
epigrams, bons mots, and piquant criticisms.'--_Gentlewoman._

'Max O'Rell's last book will add to the regret that his genial pen will
write no more. Usually there is a tone of gaiety in what he says, but
at all times he discusses important problems with all seriousness, and
with not a little of the wisdom with which a wide knowledge of the
world had endowed him. Max O'Rell's writings have always been notable
for witty epigrammatic sentences.... His last work is a bright and
engaging book.'--_Daily Telegraph._

'With a pretty wit and a turn for epigram this writer can scarcely be
dull, and no one will turn to one or other of these chatty chapters
without being pleasantly entertained.'--_Scotsman._

'Liveliness, amiability, charm, honourable sentiment, humour, every
quality that the best kind of French culture produces, are open to
anyone who can read English in the pages of Max O'Rell. Every page of
these "Rambles" is sprinkled over with aphorisms.... This most
entertaining book.'--_Vanity Fair._

'There is much that is entertaining in these short pithy comments on
women's characteristics, and occasionally criticism that penetrates
deep beneath the surface, and reveals a vast amount of observation and
knowledge of the world.... The book is full of smart sayings and clever
aphorisms.'--_Publishers' Circular._

'Whatever his theme, he is always bright, and the coruscations of his
wit are exceedingly diverting.... This last contribution is full of
good things, placed in an amusing setting.... These are but a few
maxims culled from a crowded garden.... This wonderful little

'"Rambles in Womanland" has between its covers much wisdom, served up
with a pretty garnish of wit and that wholesome sauce--common-sense.
Indeed, Max O'Rell has written nothing better than--in fact, nothing so
good as--"Rambles in Womanland." Here we have his riper wisdom, his
fuller experience; but while he has gained in wisdom or experience, he
has not lost his spiciness or his power of brief, terse
epigram.'--_Black and White._

'Full of sparkling common-sense.'--_T. P.'s Weekly._

'There is enough fresh material to commend these "Rambles in Womanland"
to those who have enjoyed rambling through the author's entertaining
writings.'--_Morning Post._




'A delightfully amusing companion....

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