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It has much of the rapidity and vigor of a smartly written
farce, with a pervading freshness a smartly written farce rarely
possesses.... A book decidedly worth reading."--London Saturday

"A striking and original story, ... effective, pleasing, and very
capable."--London Literary World.

GREEN GATES. An Analysis of Foolishness. By Mrs. K. M. C. Meredith
(Johanna Staats), author of "Drumsticks," etc. 16mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"Crisp and delightful.... Fascinating, not so much for what it
suggests as for its manner, and the cleverly outlined people who
walk through its pages."--Chicago Times-Herald.

"An original strain, bright and vivacious, and strong enough in its
foolishness and its unexpected tragedy to prove its sterling
worth."--Boston Herald.

AN IMAGINATIVE MAN. By Robert S. Hichens, author of "The Folly of
Eustace," "The Green Carnation," etc. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"A study in character.... Just as entertaining as though it were
the conventional story of love and marriage. The clever hand of the
author of 'The Green Carnation' is easily detected in the caustic
wit and pointed epigram."--Jeannette L. Gilder, in the New York

CORRUPTION. By Percy White, author of "Mr. Bailey-Martin," etc. 12mo.
Cloth, $1.25.

"A drama of biting intensity. A tragedy of inflexible purpose and
relentless result."--Pall Mall Gazette.

A HARD WOMAN. A Story in Scenes. By Violet Hunt. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"A good story, bright, keen, and dramatic.... It is out of the
ordinary, and will give you a new sensation."--New York Herald.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.



THE REDS OF THE MIDI. An Episode of the French Revolution. By Félix
Gras. Translated from the Provençal by Mrs. Catharine A. Janvier. With
an Introduction by Thomas A. Janvier. With Frontispiece. 12mo. Cloth,

"It is doubtful whether in the English language we have had a more
powerful, impressive, artistic picture of the French Revolution,
from the revolutionist's point of view, than that presented in
Félix Gras's 'The Reds of the Midi.' ... Adventures follow one
another rapidly; splendid, brilliant pictures are frequent, and the
thread of a tender, beautiful love story winds in and out of its
pages."--New York Mail and Express.

"'The Reds of the Midi' is a red rose from Provence, a breath of
pure air in the stifling atmosphere of present-day romance--a
stirring narrative of one of the most picturesque events of the
Revolution. It is told with all the strength of simplicity and
directness; it is warm and pulsating, and fairly trembles with
excitement."--Chicago Record.

"To the names of Dickens, Hugo, and Erckmann-Chatrian must be added
that of Félix Gras, as a romancer who has written a tale of the
French Revolution not only possessing historical interest, but
charming as a story. A delightful piece of literature, of a rare
and exquisite flavor."--Buffalo Express.

"No more forcible presentation of the wrongs which the poorer
classes suffered in France at the end of the eighteenth century has
ever been put between the covers of a book."--Boston Budget.

"Every page is alive with incidents or scenes of the time, and any
one who reads it will get a vivid picture that can never be
forgotten of the Reign of Terror in Paris."--San Francisco

"The author has a rare power of presenting vivid and lifelike
pictures. He is a true artist.... His warm, glowing, Provençal
imagination sees that tremendous battalion of death even as the no
less warm and glowing imagination of Carlyle saw it."--London
Daily Chronicle.

"Of 'The Reds of the Midi' itself it is safe to predict that the
story will become one of the most widely popular stories of the
next few months. It certainly deserves such appreciative
recognition, for it throbs with vital interest in every line....
The characters are living, stirring, palpitating human beings, who
will glow in the reader's memory long after he has turned over the
last pages of this remarkably fascinating book."--London Daily

"A delightful romance.... The story is not only historically
accurate; it is one of continuous and vivid
interest."--Philadelphia Press.

"Simply enthralling.... The narrative abounds in vivid descriptions
of stirring incidents and wonderfully attractive depictions of
character. Indeed, one might almost say of 'The Reds of the Midi'
that it has all the fire and forcefulness of the elder Dumas, with
something more than Dumas's faculty for dramatic
compression."--Boston Beacon.

"A charmingly told story, and all the more delightful because of
the unstudied simplicity of the spokesman, Pascalet. Félix Gras is
a true artist, and he has pleaded the cause of a hated people with
the tact and skill that only an artist could employ."--Chicago
Evening Post.

"Much excellent revolutionary fiction in many languages has been
written since the announcement of the expiration of 1889, or rather
since the contemporary publication of old war records newly
discovered, but there is none more vivid than this story of men of
the south, written by one of their own blood."--Boston Herald.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.




FALSE COIN OR TRUE? 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"One of the few true novels of the day.... It is powerful, and
touched with a delicate insight and strong impressions of life and
character.... The author's theme is original, her treatment
artistic, and the book is remarkable for its unflagging
interest."--Philadelphia Record.

"The tale never flags in interest, and once taken up will not be
laid down until the last page is finished."--Boston Budget.

"A well-written novel, with well-depicted characters and
well-chosen scenes."--Chicago News.

"A sweet, tender, pure, and lovely story."--Buffalo Commercial.

THE ONE WHO LOOKED ON. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

"A tale quite unusual, entirely unlike any other, full of a strange
power and realism, and touched with a fine humor."--London World.

"One of the most remarkable and powerful of the year's
contributions, worthy to stand with Ian Maclaren's."--British

"One of the rare books which can be read with great pleasure and
recommended without reservation. It is fresh, pure, sweet, and
pathetic, with a pathos which is perfectly wholesome."--St. Paul

"The story is an intensely human one, and it is delightfully
told.... The author shows a marvelous keenness in character
analysis, and a marked ingenuity in the development of her
story."--Boston Advertiser.


12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.

"A touch of idealism, of nobility of thought and purpose, mingled
with an air of reality and well-chosen expression, are the most
notable features of a book that has not the ordinary defects of
such qualities. With all its elevation of utterance and
spirituality of outlook and insight it is wonderfully free from
overstrained or exaggerated matter, and it has glimpses of humor.
Most of the characters are vivid, yet there are restraint and
sobriety in their treatment, and almost all are carefully and
consistently evolved."--London Athenæum.

"'Into the Highways and Hedges' is a book not of promise only, but
of high achievement. It is original, powerful, artistic, humorous.
It places the author at a bound in the rank of those artists to
whom we look for the skillful presentation of strong personal
impressions of life and character."--London Daily News.

"The pure idealism of 'Into the Highways and Hedges' does much to
redeem modern fiction from the reproach it has brought upon
itself.... The story is original, and told with great
refinement."--Philadelphia Public Ledger.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.




THE SEATS OF THE MIGHTY. Being the Memoirs of Captain robert moray,
sometime an Officer in the Virginia Regiment, and afterwards of
Amherst's Regiment. 12mo. Cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

"Another historical romance of the vividness and intensity of 'The
Seats of the Mighty' has never come from the pen of an American.
Mr. Parker's latest work may, without hesitation, be set down as
the best he has done. From the first chapter to the last word
interest in the book never wanes; one finds it difficult to
interrupt the narrative with breathing space. It whirls with
excitement and strange adventure.... All of the scenes do homage to
the genius of Mr. Parker, and make 'The Seats of the Mighty' one of
the books of the year."--Chicago Record.

"Mr. Gilbert Parker is to be congratulated on the excellence of his
latest story, 'The Seats of the Mighty,' and his readers are to be
congratulated on the direction which his talents have taken
therein.... It is so good that we do not stop to think of its
literature, and the personality of Doltaire is a masterpiece of
creative art."--New York Mail and Express.

THE TRAIL OF THE SWORD. A Novel. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.

"Mr. Parker here adds to a reputation already wide, and anew
demonstrates his power of pictorial portrayal and of strong
dramatic situation and climax."--Philadelphia Bulletin.

"The tale holds the reader's interest from first to last, for it is
full of fire and spirit, abounding in incident, and marked by good
character drawing."--Pittsburg Times.

THE TRESPASSER. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth, $1.00.

"Interest, pith, force, and charm--Mr. Parker's new story possesses
all these qualities.... Almost bare of synthetical decoration, his
paragraphs are stirring because they are real.

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