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Parker's new story possesses
all these qualities.... Almost bare of synthetical decoration, his
paragraphs are stirring because they are real. We read at times--as
we have read the great masters of romance--breathlessly."--The

"Gilbert Parker writes a strong novel, but thus far this is his
masterpiece.... It is one of the great novels of the
year."--Boston Advertiser.

THE TRANSLATION OF A SAVAGE. 16mo. Flexible cloth, 75 cents.

"A book which no one will be satisfied to put down until the end
has been matter of certainty and assurance."--The Nation.

"A story of remarkable interest, originality, and ingenuity of
construction."--Boston Home Journal.

"The perusal of this romance will repay those who care for new and
original types of character, and who are susceptible to the
fascination of a fresh and vigorous style."--London Daily News.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.




THE THIRD VIOLET. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

Mr. Crane's new novel is a fresh and delightful study of artist
life in the city and the country. The theme is worked out with the
author's characteristic originality and force, and with much
natural humor. In subject the book is altogether different from any
of its predecessors, and the author's marked success proves his
breadth and the versatility of his great talent.

THE LITTLE REGIMENT, and Other Episodes of the American Civil War.
12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

"In 'The Little Regiment' we have again studies of the volunteers
waiting impatiently to fight and fighting, and the impression of
the contest as a private soldier hears, sees, and feels it, is
really wonderful. The reader has no privileges. He must, it seems,
take his place in the ranks, and stand in the mud, wade in the
river, fight, yell, swear, and sweat with the men. He has some sort
of feeling, when it is all over, that he has been doing just these
things. This sort of writing needs no praise. It will make its way
to the hearts of men without praise."--New York Times.

"Told with a _verve_ that brings a whiff of burning powder to one's
nostrils.... In some way he blazons the scene before our eyes, and
makes us feel the very impetus of bloody war."--Chicago Evening

MAGGIE: A GIRL OF THE STREETS. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"By writing 'Maggie' Mr. Crane has made for himself a permanent
place in literature.... Zola himself scarcely has surpassed its
tremendous portrayal of throbbing, breathing, moving life."--New
York Mail and Express.

"Mr. Crane's story should be read for the fidelity with which it
portrays a life that is potent on this island, along with the best
of us. It is a powerful portrayal, and, if somber and repellent,
none the less true, none the less freighted with appeal to those
who are able to assist in righting wrongs."--New York Times.

THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE. An Episode of the American Civil War. 12mo.
Cloth, $1.00.

"Never before have we had the seamy side of glorious war so well
depicted.... The action of the story throughout is splendid, and all
aglow with color, movement, and vim. The style is as keen and bright as
a sword-blade, and a Kipling has done nothing better in this
line."--Chicago Evening Post.

"There is nothing in American fiction to compare with it.... Mr. Crane
has added to American literature something that has never been done
before, and that is, in its own peculiar way, inimitable."--Boston

"A truer and completer picture of war than either Tolstoy or
Zola."--London New Review.




SIR MARK. A Tale of the First Capital. By Anna Robeson Brown. 16mo.
Cloth, 75 cents.

"One could hardly imagine a more charming short historical tale....
It is almost classic in its simplicity and dignity."--Baltimore News.

THE FOLLY OF EUSTACE. By R. S. Hichens, author of "An Imaginative
Man," "The Green Carnation," etc. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"In each of these stories the author of 'The Green Carnation' shows
his hand without intending to. There is the same cynicism, the same
epigrammatic wit. Among the new English story writers there are
none more brilliant than Mr. Hichens."--Chicago Tribune.

SLEEPING FIRES. By George Gissing, author of "In the Year of Jubilee,"
"Eve's Ransom," etc. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"Intense, extremely well told, and full of discriminating study of
life and character."--Buffalo Commercial.

STONEPASTURES. By Eleanor Stuart. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"This is a strong bit of good literary workmanship."--Philadelphia
Public Ledger.

COURTSHIP BY COMMAND. By M. M. Blake. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"A bright, moving study of an unusually interesting period in the
life of Napoleon, ... deliciously told; the characters are clearly,
strongly, and very delicately modeled, and the touches of color
most artistically done."--N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

THE WATTER'S MOU'. By Bram Stoker. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"Here is a tale to stir the most sluggish nature.... It is like
standing on the deck of a wave tossed ship; you feel the soul of
the storm go into your blood."--New York Home Journal.

MASTER AND MAN. By Count Leo Tolstoy. With an Introduction by W. D.
Howells. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cts.

"Reveals a wonderful knowledge of the workings of the human mind,
and it tells a tale that not only stirs the emotions, but gives us
a better insight into our own hearts."--San Francisco Argonaut.

THE ZEIT-GEIST. By L. Dougall, author of "The Mermaid," "Beggars All,"
etc. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

"Powerful in conception, treatment, and influence."--Boston Globe.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.



"A better book than 'The Prisoner of Zenda.'"--London Queen.

THE CHRONICLES OF COUNT ANTONIO By anthony hope, author of "The God in
the Car," "The Prisoner of Zenda," etc. With photogravure Frontispiece
by S. W. Van Schaick. Third edition. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"No adventures were ever better worth recounting than are those of
Antonio of Monte Velluto, a very Bayard among outlaws.... To all those
whose pulses still stir at the recital of deeds of high courage, we may
recommend this book.... The chronicle conveys the emotion of heroic
adventure, and is picturesquely written."--London Daily News.

"It has literary merits all its own, of a deliberate and rather deep
order.... In point of execution 'The Chronicles of Count Antonio' is the
best work that Mr. Hope has yet done. The design is clearer, the
workmanship more elaborate, the style more colored.... The incidents are
most ingenious, they are told quietly, but with great cunning, and the
Quixotic sentiment which pervades it all is exceedingly
pleasant."--Westminster Gazette.

"A romance worthy of all the expectations raised by the brilliancy of
his former books, and likely to be read with a keen enjoyment and a
healthy exaltation of the spirits by every one who takes it up."--The

"A gallant tale, written with unfailing freshness and spirit."--London
Daily Telegraph.

"One of the most fascinating romances written in English within many
days. The quaint simplicity of its style is delightful, and the
adventures recorded in these 'Chronicles of Count Antonio' are as
stirring and ingenious as any conceived even by Weyman at his
best."--New York World.

"Romance of the real flavor, wholly and entirely romance, and narrated
in true romantic style. The characters, drawn with such masterly
handling, are not merely pictures and portraits, but statues that are
alive and step boldly forward from the canvas."--Boston Courier.

"Told in a wonderfully simple and direct style, and with the magic
touch of a man who has the genius of narrative, making the varied
incidents flow naturally and rapidly in a stream of sparkling
discourse."--Detroit Tribune.

"Easily ranks with, if not above, 'A Prisoner of Zenda.' ... Wonderfully
strong, graphic, and compels the interest of the most _blasť_ novel
reader."--Boston Advertiser.

"No adventures were ever better worth telling than those of Count
Antonio.... The author knows full well how to make every pulse thrill,
and how to hold his readers under the spell of his magic."--Boston

"A book to make women weep proud tears, and the blood of men to tingle
with knightly fervor.... In 'Count Antonio' we think Mr. Hope surpasses
himself, as he has already surpassed all the other story-tellers of the
period."--New York Spirit of the Times.

NEW YORK: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.




THE MANXMAN. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"A story of marvelous dramatic intensity, and in its ethical
meaning has a force comparable only to Hawthorne's 'Scarlet
Letter.'"--Boston Beacon.

"A work of power which is another stone added to the foundation of
enduring fame to which Mr. Caine is yearly adding."--Public

"A wonderfully strong study of character; a powerful analysis of
those elements which go to make up the strength and weakness of a
man, which are at fierce warfare within the same breast; contending
against each other, as it were, the one to raise him to fame and
power, the other to drag him down to degradation and shame. Never
in the whole range of literature have we seen the struggle between
these forces for supremacy over the man more powerfully, more
realistically delineated than Mr. Caine pictures it."--Boston Home

THE DEEMSTER. A Romance of the Isle of Man. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"Hall Caine has already given us some very strong and fine work,
and 'The Deemster' is a story of unusual power....

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