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Certain passages
and chapters have an intensely dramatic grasp, and hold the
fascinated reader with a force rarely excited nowadays in
literature."--The Critic.

"One of the strongest novels which has appeared in many a
day."--San Francisco Chronicle.

"Fascinates the mind like the gathering and bursting of a
storm."--Illustrated London News.

"Deserves to be ranked among the remarkable novels of the
day."--Chicago Times.

THE BONDMAN. New edition, 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"The welcome given to this story has cheered and touched me, but I
am conscious that, to win a reception so warm, such a book must
have had readers who brought to it as much as they took away.... I
have called my story a saga, merely because it follows the epic
method, and I must not claim for it at any point the weighty
responsibility of history, or serious obligations to the world of
fact. But it matters not to me what Icelanders may call 'The
Bondman,' if they will honor me by reading it in the open-hearted
spirit and with the free mind with which they are content to read
of Grettir and of his fights with the Troll."--From the Author's

CAPT'N DAVY'S HONEYMOON. A Manx Yarn. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents; cloth,

"A new departure by this author. Unlike his previous works, this
little tale is almost wholly humorous, with, however, a current of
pathos underneath. It is not always that an author can succeed
equally well in tragedy and in comedy, but it looks as though Mr.
Hall Caine would be one of the exceptions."--London Literary

"It is pleasant to meet the author of 'The Deemster' in a brightly
humorous little story like this.... It shows the same observation
of Manx character, and much of the same artistic
skill."--Philadelphia Times.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.




Edited by Ripley Hitchcock.

"There is a vast extent of territory lying between the Missouri
River and the Pacific coast which has barely been skimmed over so
far. That the conditions of life therein are undergoing changes
little short of marvelous will be understood when one recalls the
fact that the first white male child born in Kansas is still living
there; and Kansas is by no means one of the newer States.
Revolutionary indeed has been the upturning of the old condition of
affairs, and little remains thereof, and less will remain as each
year goes by, until presently there will be only tradition of the
Sioux and Comanches, the cowboy life, the wild horse, and the
antelope. Histories, many of them, have been written about the
Western country alluded to, but most if not practically all by
outsiders who knew not personally that life of kaleidoscopic
allurement. But ere it shall have vanished forever we are likely to
have truthful, complete, and charming portrayals of it produced by
men who actually knew the life and have the power to describe
it."--Henry Edward Rood, in the Mail and Express.


THE STORY OF THE INDIAN. By George Bird Grinnell, author of "Pawnee
Hero Stories," "Blackfoot Lodge Tales," etc. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"In every way worthy of an author who, as an authority upon the
Western Indians, is second to none. A book full of color, abounding
in observation, and remarkable in sustained interest, it is at the
same time characterized by a grace of style which is rarely to be
looked for in such a work, and which adds not a little to the charm
of it."--London Daily Chronicle.

"Only an author qualified by personal experience could offer us a
profitable study of a race so alien from our own as is the Indian
in thought, feeling, and culture. Only long association with
Indians can enable a white man measurably to comprehend their
thoughts and enter into their feelings. Such association has been
Mr. Grinnell's."--New York Sun.

THE STORY OF THE MINE. By Charles Howard Shinn. Illustrated. 12mo.
Cloth, $1.50.

"The author has written a book, not alone full of information, but
replete with the true romance of the American mine."--New York

"Few chapters of recent history are more fascinating than that
which Mr. Shinn has told in 'The Story of the Mine.'"--The

"Both a history and a romance.... Highly interesting, new, and
thrilling."--Philadelphia Inquirer.


The Story of the Trapper. By Gilbert Parker.
The Story of the Cowboy. By E. Hough.
The Story of the Soldier. By Capt. J. McB. Stembel, U.S.A.
The Story of the Explorer.
The Story of the Railroad.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.



THE GREATER GLORY. A Story of High Life.

By Maarten Maartens, author of "God's Fool," "Joost Avelingh," etc.
12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"Until the Appletons discovered the merits of Maarten Maartens, the
foremost of Dutch novelists, it is doubtful if many American
readers knew that there were Dutch novelists. His 'God's Fool' and
'Joost Avelingh' made for him an American reputation. To our mind
this just published work of his is his best.... He is a master of
epigram, an artist in description, a prophet in insight."--Boston

"It would take several columns to give any adequate idea of the
superb way in which the Dutch novelist has developed his theme and
wrought out one of the most impressive stories of the period.... It
belongs to the small class of novels which one can not afford to
neglect."--San Francisco Chronicle.

"Maarten Maartens stands head and shoulders above the average
novelist of the day in intellectual subtlety and imaginative
power."--Boston Beacon.

GOD'S FOOL. By Maarten Maartens. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"Throughout there is an epigrammatic force which would make
palatable a less interesting story of human lives or one less
deftly told."--London Saturday Review.

"Perfectly easy, graceful, humorous.... The author's skill in
character-drawing is undeniable."--London Chronicle.

"A remarkable work."--New York Times.

"Maarten Maartens has secured a firm footing in the eddies of
current literature.... Pathos deepens into tragedy in the thrilling
story of 'God's Fool.'"--Philadelphia Ledger.

"Its preface alone stamps the author as one of the leading English
novelists of to-day."--Boston Daily Advertiser.

"The story is wonderfully brilliant.... The interest never lags;
the style is realistic and intense; and there is a constantly
underlying current of subtle humor.... It is, in short, a book
which no student of modern literature should fail to
read."--Boston Times.

"A story of remarkable interest and point."--New York Observer.

JOOST AVELINGH. By Maarten Maartens. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.

"So unmistakably good as to induce the hope that an acquaintance
with the Dutch literature of fiction may soon become more general
among us."--London Morning Post.

"In scarcely any of the sensational novels of the day will the
reader find more nature or more human nature."--London Standard.

"A novel of a very high type. At once strongly realistic and
powerfully idealistic."--London Literary World.

"Full of local color and rich in quaint phraseology and
suggestion."--London Telegraph.

"Maarten Maartens is a capital story-teller."--Pall Mall Gazette.

"Our English writers of fiction will have to look to their
laurels."--Birmingham Daily Post.


THE SEVEN SEAS. A new volume of poems by Rudyard Kipling, author of
"Many Inventions," "Barrack-Room Ballads," etc. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50; half
calf, $3.00; morocco, $5.00.

"The spirit and method of Kipling's fresh and virile song have
taken the English reading world.... When we turn to the larger
portion of 'The Seven Seas,' how imaginative it is, how
impassioned, how superbly rhythmic and sonorous!... The ring and
diction of this verse add new elements to our song.... The true
laureate of Greater Britain."--E. C. Stedman, in the Book Buyer.

"The most original poet who has appeared in his generation.... His
is the lustiest voice now lifted in the world, the clearest, the
bravest, with the fewest false notes in it.... I do not see why, in
reading his book, we should not put ourselves in the presence of a
great poet again, and consent to put off our mourning for the high
ones lately dead."--W. D. Howells.

"The new poems of Mr. Rudyard Kipling have all the spirit and swing
of their predecessors. Throughout they are instinct with the
qualities which are essentially his, and which have made, and seem
likely to keep, for him his position and wide popularity."--London

"He has the very heart of movement, for the lack of which no
metrical science could atone. He goes far because he can."--London

"'The Seven Seas' is the most remarkable book of verse that Mr.
Kipling has given us. Here the human sympathy is broader and
deeper, the patriotism heartier and fuller, the intellectual and
spiritual insight keener, the command of the literary vehicle more
complete and sure, than in any previous verse work by the author.
The volume pulses with power--power often rough and reckless in
expression, but invariably conveying the effect intended. There is
scarcely a line which does not testify to the strong individuality
of the writer."--London Globe.

"If a man holding this volume in his hands, with all its
extravagance and its savage realism, is not aware that it is
animated through and through with indubitable genius--then he must
be too much the slave of the conventional and the ordinary to
understand that Poetry metamorphoses herself in many diverse forms,
and that its one sovereign and indefeasible justification
is--truth."--London Daily Telegraph.

"'The Seven Seas' is packed with inspiration, with humor, with
pathos, and with the old unequaled insight into the mind of the
rank and file."--London Daily Chronicle.


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