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Kipling's 'The Seven Seas' is a distinct advance upon his
characteristic lines. The surpassing strength, the almost violent
originality, the glorious swish and swing of his lines--all are
there in increased measure.... The book is a marvel of originality
and genius--a brand-new landmark in the history of English
letters."--Chicago Tribune.

"In 'The Seven Seas' are displayed all of Kipling's prodigious
gifts.... Whoever reads 'The Seven Seas' will be vexed by the
desire to read it again. The average charm of the gifts alone is
irresistible."--Boston Journal.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.


YEKL. A Tale of the New York Ghetto. By A. Cahan.

Uniform with "The Red Badge of Courage." 12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

"A new and striking tale; the charm, the verity, the literary
quality of the book depend upon its study of character, its 'local
color,' its revelation to Americans of a social state at their very
doors of which they have known nothing."--New York Times.

"The story is a revelation to us. It is written in a spirited,
breezy way, with an originality in the telling of which is quite
unexpected. The dialect is striking in its truth to
Nature."--Boston Courier.

"Is in all probability the only true picture we have yet had of
that most densely populated spot on the face of the earth--the
ghetto of the metropolis, rather the metropolis of the ghettos of
the world."--New York Journal.

"A series of vivid pictures of a strange people.... The people and
their social life the author depicts with marvelous
success."--Boston Transcript.

"The reader will become deeply interested in Mr. Cahan's graphic
presentation of ghetto life in New York."--Minneapolis Journal.

"A strong, quaint story."--Detroit Tribune.

"Every feature of the book bears the stamp of truth.... Undoubtedly
'Yekl' has never been excelled as a picture of the distinctive life
of the New York ghetto."--Boston Herald.

THE SENTIMENTAL SEX. By Gertrude Warden. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00.

"The cleverest book by a woman that has been published for
months.... Such books as 'The Sentimental Sex' are exemplars of a
modern cult that will not be ignored."--New York Commercial

"There is a well-wrought mystery in the story and some surprises
that preserve the reader's interest, and render it, when all is
said, a story of considerable charm."--Boston Courier.

"An uncommonly knowing little book, which keeps a good grip on the
reader up to the last page.... The author's method of handling the
plot is adroit and original."--Rochester Herald.

"Miss Warden has worked out her contrasts very strikingly, and
tells her story in a cleverly flippant way, which keeps the reader
on the qui vive for the cynical but bright sayings she has
interspersed."--Detroit Free Press.

"The story forms an admirable study. The style is graphic, the plot
original and cleverly wrought out."--Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 72 Fifth Avenue.

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